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CBS Inc. is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Photon Engineering's and Photon Design's software products, and the North American distributor for opsira's measurement systems.

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New! Optical measurement systems from opsira

CBS Inc. is the North American distributor for opsira GmbH's optical measurement systems and products used in general lighting, automotive, signal and medical lighting industries.

opsira’s robogonio goniophotometer combines near-field, extremely fast far-field, and spectral measurement in one single, highly flexible system.

opsira GmbH was founded over 20 years ago in August 1999 by Juergen P. Weisshaar and Volker Schumacher located in Weingarten, in the south of Germany and is one of the leading companies for the development of high-tech products in the fields of photometry, spectrometry, and goniometry. 

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Calculate billions of rays in minutes

• Stray Light Analysis
• Lens Flare/Ghost
• Lighting System Design
• Biomedical
• AR/VR System

FREDmpc has been developed for high-speed analyses with calculation speeds over 100 times faster than conventional CPU based raytracing!

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CBS Inc. is the Canadian distributor for Photon Design software for the design of both active and passive photonics components and photonics integrated circuits.

Photon Design Ltd, founded in Oxford, UK in 1992, provides the world's leading software to the photonics industry including tools for modeling both active and passive photonics components, and optical circuits. Photon Design's products are currently used in hundreds of laboratories in dozens of countries, contribute to thousands of leading research publications, and are used to develop the next generation of micro and nano optics.


Mode solvers for complex waveguide and fiber structures.


The original EME (Eigenmode Expansion Method) software for fast and accurate analysis of optical waveguides and optical fibers.


Photonics simulation software that includes FDTD, FETD, and RCWA engines for designing complex photonic devices and grating structures.


Software for designing optical circuits (PIC) including active device (semiconductor laser / SOA) modeling.


Hetero-structure simulator for modeling Fabry-Perot quantum well lasers.


The world's first Echelle grating and AWG design software.

Our Expertise

Our highly experienced multilingual team has worked across a wide range of industries and have experience providing design and analysis services across the whole R&D process - from evaluating the initial proof of concepts through to debugging prototype performance, and stray light analysis of large optical systems.