Photonics is a $700 billion industry that now extends beyond the telecoms sector to areas as varied as automobile & aerospace, consumer electronics, medicine, meteorology & manufacturing. Furthermore, Photonics is a fast growing industry that is estimated to become worth over $1 trillion in the coming years, with over 50% of this attributed to photonics components alone*.

Holey FiberTechnix by CBS is the exclusive Canadian distributor and technical support provider for two types of optical design software packages putting us in the unique position of being able to offer optical simulation solutions for both macro and micro optical design.

Photon Design Ltd's world-class photonics CAD software used across the globe by researchers in photonics for the design of photonic components and optical IC. The software is used for the design of a wide range of components including waveguides, fibers, photonic integrated circuits, laser diodes & photonic crystals.

Light PipeTechnix by CBS is also the representative for Photon Engineering LLC and their world famous optical and illumination engineering software FRED capable of simulating the propagation of light through virtually any optical/mechanical system.

FRED's capability to propagate both incoherent and coherent light means that FRED can be used for a diverse range of applications that include stray light, laser applications, illumination and non-imaging optics, imaging systems and more.

* Source: A Survey by the Canadian Consortium – December 2008