A frequently asked question, but one that does not have a template answer, except to say that the best thing to do is to look at the examples on the website for each software and hopefully you will see something similar. Failing that, please give us some details and we can let you know our opinion.

Yes. Both Photon Design and Photon Engineering have been providing software to researchers and engineers since the 1990's. It is difficult for us to give precise numbers but if you are interested in a specific Photon Design product, then you might find it useful to search for the product name on scholar.google.com. This software is used widely among universities and therefore is references in many publications.

No. We have been asked by both Photon Design and Photon Engineering to look after the domestic Canadian market. Your best solution is to contact them directly, but of course feel free to contact us, we would be happy to advise.

Photon Engineering provides a copy of FRED free of charge to students working on their thesis / dissertation. Please contact us for more details. Photon Design offer their software at a significant discount to universities, contact us for a quotation.

We do. We offer support by email, phone & Skype IM available from 9am - 6pm MST (for the period for which you are under "Support" / "Maintenance").

Yes. For both photonics, and optical systems. For significant projects requiring a team of bodies, we would do this in conjunction with Photon Design and/or Photon Engineering, both of whom have vast experience in large consulting projects.