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At CBS Inc., we’re committed to delivering exceptional consulting services that maximize the value of FRED optical engineering software and drive success for your research projects. Whether you're in the early stages of planning, or need assistance with complex optical systems, our team of experienced consultants are here to help you achieve your R&D goals.

Leading our team is Tom Davies, CBS Inc's COO and FRED expert, boasting over two decades of experience in optics and photonics. Tom's extensive background in applied physics and software development, coupled with years of collaboration with Photon Engineering, uniquely positions him to offer unparalleled guidance. He is skilled in providing training and support to leading corporations and research institutions worldwide, empowering them to excel in the realm of optical engineering.

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Our team of optical experts is highly confident in their knowledge and expertise, which they have gained through decades of experience. From the earliest stages of concept development to the finest details of implementation, our experts are fully versed in every aspect of optical design. We have a proven track record of successful project delivery across diverse industries, having collaborated with countless clients to deliver innovative systems that push the boundaries of what's possible. Our portfolio includes a range of impressive projects, from observatory spectrometers to advanced human tissue scanners.

Projects We've Worked On

Astronomy and Optics
  • Observatory spectrometer
  • Telescope relay optics
  • Star tracker baffle
  • Observatory baffle design
  • TMT stray light analysis
Medical and Healthcare
  • Head mounted surgical illuminator
  • Interocular lens
  • Human tissue scanner
  • Ocular Hartmann-Shack system
Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Telecentric laser welding lens
  • VIS and IR laser welding optics
  • Injection molded PC camera lens
  • Laser line generator
  • Assembly line barcode illuminator
VR and Display Technology
  • Head mounted display
  • LED based displays
  • Lightpipes for displays/buttons
  • LCD projector reflector
  • LED illuminator for light pen
Biomedical and Biotechnology
  • Fluorescence detection systems
  • Human tissue scanner
Industrial Automation and Robotics
  • All reflective seeker
Photography and Mobile Technology
  • Plastic camera phone lens
Lighting and Illumination
  • TIR illumination lens
  • LED based displays
  • LED illuminator for light pen

Optimize Your Optical Systems with
Expert Stray Light Analysis Consultancy

Are you struggling with performing accurate stray light analysis for your optical systems? Are you facing challenges with basic raytracing or assessing the efficiency of your sensors regarding light reflection? Understanding the thermal environment and analyzing the thermal background, including self-emission and ghost effects, can be daunting tasks. At CBS Inc., we specialize in addressing these pain points and providing tailored solutions to optimize your optical systems.

Our team of optical specialists excels in performing quantitative analysis of stray light, including scattering, ghost reflections, aperture diffraction, and diffractive optical elements. We have extensive experience in designing baffles and cold shields to mitigate stray light effectively. Additionally, we offer expertise in measuring Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Function (BSDF), Total Integrated Scatter (TIS), and system stray light.

With our consultancy services, we guide you through the entire stray light engineering process, offering insights into basic radiometry for accurate analysis. Leveraging the power of FRED software, we capitalize on its unique capability to handle thermal self-emission and ensure that your optical systems meet the highest standards of performance.

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Technical Support

Receive expert technical assistance in constructing accurate and efficient optical models in FRED.

Simulation & Calculation

Let us assist you in setting up simulations, optimizing parameters, and interpreting results. Our expertise ensures you achieve precise and reliable optical performance.

Why Choose Us?

At CBS Inc., we don't just solve problems – we empower innovation. With decades of collective experience and a proven track record of success, we're committed to helping you achieve your R&D goals. Trust our team to navigate the complexities of optical engineering and unlock the full potential of your optical systems.

"I initially had trouble finding a software solution that met my needs, with many companies being hesitant to provide demos. FRED stood out with its clear error messages and accessible demo, making my choice easy. Despite its less polished interface, FRED's focus on functionality won me over. I prefer efficient software over flashy designs any day. Since using FRED for light-pipe simulation and optimization, our workflow has significantly improved. We can now simulate intricate geometries with ease, saving time and resources.
Working with CBS Inc. has been a pleasure. Their straightforward approach to licensing and support has made my experience hassle-free. I highly recommend FRED and CBS Inc. to anyone in need of reliable simulation software."

Leo F.
at Siemens

"After utilizing FRED extensively for 8 years in various optical design projects, I confidently recommend it. FRED excels in a range of simulations, including reflector optimization, light guide optimization, lens design, and complex UV simulations. Its capabilities extend to comprehensive stray light simulations, covering various phenomena like ghost images and scattering effects.
Furthermore, FRED provides exceptional customer support, with a responsive team dedicated to understanding and addressing users' specific needs. They offer personalized solutions, ensuring a supportive experience beyond typical customer service.In summary, for professionals seeking reliable optical simulation software with exceptional support, FRED from CBS Inc. is the ideal choice."

Monika K.
at digitX GbR

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