What is FRED?

FRED Optical Engineering Software is a globally recognized optomechanical raytracing software used by companies, government, and universities in the development of optical systems used for straylight analysis, laser systems, LED / illumination system design and imaging systems. FRED has an easy to use CAD-like interface and is a flexible general-purpose raytracing software.

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The latest version of FRED - FREDmpc is the only general-purpose optical engineering software in the world that performs the raytrace using GPUs. Calculation speeds of FREDmpc can be over 100 times faster than conventional CPU based raytracing!

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Feature Overview

 GPU raytrace - over 100x faster than multi-threaded CPU raytrace calculations
 3D graphical interface for model rendering, construction and verification
 Import lens data from lens design software such as Zemax, CODE V, OSLO
 Import and export 3D CAD files such as IGES, STEP, OBJ, etc.
 Non-sequential and sequential ray tracing
 Latest catalog data (glasses, optical components, etc.)
 Coherent Beam propagation (laser, interference, diffraction, polarisation)
 Multivariable optimiser
 Tolerancing analysis
 Multithreading using up to 63 threads
 Distributed calculation function on unlimited PCs
 Built-in BASIC Scripting


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Stray Light Analysis

  • Imaging systems, Cameras, Astronomical Telescopes
  • Ghosts, Flares
  • Optomechanical Modeling
  • Scatter
  • Surface Roughness / Contamination
  • UV to long-wave IR
  • Thermal self-emission analysis

Illumination Design

  • Lightpipe design
  • Freeform optics
  • LED Display
  • Projectors
  • Fluorescence

Optical Instrument Design

  • Interferometers
  • Spectrometers
  • Diffractometers
  • Sensors
  • Solar Concentrators

Laser Systems

  • Fiber Coupling
  • Wavefront Correctors
  • Polarisation converters
  • Laser line generator


  • Heads Up Display System
  • LiDAR
  • Infrared Camera


  • Human Tissue / Skin scatter
  • Endoscopes
  • Human Eye Models

FRED Userbase

FRED is used in companies, universities and research laboratories worldwide.
Below is a list of some of these who have published papers related to FRED.

About Photon Engineering

Founded in 1997 Photon Engineering is an optical engineering software and consulting firm, and are the creators of industry-leading raytracing software FRED.

CBS Europe is the exclusive distributor of FRED in Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.