Accurate Optical Measurements for Every Stage of Your Project

At CBS Inc., we recognize the vital role precise optical measurements have in ensuring accurate prototyping within your projects. We've partnered with opsira GmbH, leveraging their state-of-the-art light measurement laboratories to deliver crucial optical data and detailed test reports to allow you confidence in the validity of your models. Our commitment to accuracy and reliability ensures you receive the essential insights needed to drive your project's success.

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Comprehensive Optical Measurement Services

Whether you need surface reflection measurements, complex scattering light distributions (in-plane, or 3D), or far-field luminous intensity distributions, CBS Inc. delivers prompt and accurate data to support your project's progress or enhance your sales information.

Explore some of our precise measurement capabilities below:


Illuminance and Luminous Intensity

  • Illuminance measurement
  • Luminous intensity measurement
  • In-plane illuminance distribution

Ray Data and Efficiency

  • Measurement of ray data (photometric)
  • Extension of the rayset file by one color (polychromatic)
  • Luminous flux efficiency factor in lm/W and energy efficiency grade

Far-Field Luminous Intensity Distribution

  • Measurement and calculation of total luminous flux
  • Generation of far-field files (EULUMDAT, IES)
  • Symmetrization of measurement data

Luminance Measurements

  • Luminance measurement
  • Far-field luminous intensity distribution and average luminance
  • Luminance in a climate chamber

Reflectance and Transmission

  • Transmission or reflection of material samples (e.g., glass, plastic, aluminum)
  • Spectral transmission or reflection using integrating sphere
  • In-plane scattering light behavior of materials
  • Angle-resolved scattering light measurement (BSDF, BRDF, BTDF)
  • Spectral transmission and reflection at various incident angles

Spectral Measurements

  • Relative and/or absolute spectra (IR, VIS, UV)
  • Calculation of chromaticity coordinates (X, Y, Z, x, y, u, v, u', v', Lab, Lab99)
  • Color temperature
  • Color rendering indices
  • Color saturation
  • Hue angle
  • Dominant wavelength
  • Peak wavelength

Detector Response and Reception

  • Relative spectral response of a photo detector
  • Spatial reception distribution of a detector (e.g., cosine characteristics)

Total Luminous Flux (Integrating Sphere)

For a complete list of our measurement capabilities or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us.

How Does the Measurement Process with CBS Inc. Work?

When you partner with CBS Inc. for your optical measurement needs, the process is seamless and efficient:



We work with you to discuss what measurements are suited for your project.


Ship Your Samples

Ship your samples to be measured.


Testing at opsira

Once the samples are received they are tested using advanced equipment such as the robogonio, gonio2pi.


Data Collection

After testing, we obtain raw measurement data from the machines, this data is provided as detailed Excel spreadsheets containing the analysis and a comprehensive report that includes discussions of the results.


Data Conversion

For FRED users, interested in scatter measurement, we convert the measured data into scatter models compatible with FRED optical simulation software. Similarly, for rayfiles.

This streamlined process ensures you receive precise, reliable data and insightful analysis to support your project's success.

Why Choose CBS Inc.?


  • Precision and Accuracy: We use the latest technology and calibrated equipment to deliver precise measurements.

  • Speed and Reliability: Our efficient processes ensure you receive accurate data promptly to keep your project on track.

  • Comprehensive Reports: Detailed documentation supports your project's progress and enhances your sales information.

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On-Site Testing and Equipment

If your project requires on-site testing, browse our catalog of optical measurement systems.
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