FRED Biomedical

Eye TesterFrom non-invasive procedures to ultra-sensitive diagnostic instrumentation, photonic devices play an indispensable role in today’s bio-medical industry. For the last quarter century, timely design and delivery to market of these new technologies has been possible only with the aid of sophisticated software tools and experienced optical engineers.

FRED can help accelerate the pace of innovation in the biomedical community by enabling its members to participate more fully in the process.

The combination of FRED’s GUI interface, where geometry creation and visualization are intuitive, and powerful computational engine are capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements.

Human skin models are valuable aids in the design of non-invasive diagnostic devices such as the oximeter as well as in the development of modern dermatological instruments. FRED offers the Henyey-Greenstein volume scatter model recognized by the biomedical community as being representative of scattering in human tissue. In addition, a catalog of over 50 different human tissue definitions is included for the user’s convenience.

The physical process of fluorescence involves conversion of light at one wavelength to that of a longer wavelength. An intrinsic feature of FRED essential to modeling fluorescence is that wavelengths are assigned to rays on an individual basis. When coupled with the flexibility of FRED’s scripted scatter model feature, the path to a practical simulation of fluorescence becomes evident. Given a particular emission spectra, a scripted scatter model can be constructed that reassigns ray wavelengths by interpreting the emission curve in terms of probability.