FRED Calculations & Analysis

FRED provides all of the tools necessary for the engineer to accurately evaluate and understand the performance of their system.

Text-Based Analyses:

Raypath Summary

  • Find Best Focus
  • Ray-Surface summary (surface-by-surface summary of ray count and total power)
  • Ray statistics (surface-by-surface ray data)
  • Incident/absorbed power (surface-by-surface ray hit count, incident power, and absorbed power)
  • Ray paths (specific ray trajectories)
  • Fiber coupling (step-index or gradient index fibers including Fresnel reflection losses)
  • Automatic importance sampling determination
  • Stray light report (lists of specular and/or scatter stray light paths user various criteria)

Graphically-Based Analyses:

3D Spot Diagram 3D Irradiance

  • Irradiance / Illuminance distribution (power/unit area)
  • Intensity / Luminous Intensity distribution (power/unit solid angle)
  • Coherent scalar wave field (amplitude, phase, real and imaginary components, etc.)
  • Energy density (power/unit volume)
  • Gaussian beam size diagram (size of coherent Gaussian beamlets)
  • True color image (visual appearance of irradiance distribution)
  • Positional spot diagram
  • Directional spot diagram
  • Polarization spot diagram
  • 3D spot diagram (spots drawn in the 3D rendering window)
  • BSDF scatter function (2D and 3D plots of scatter functions)
  • Coating characteristics (Reflection/Transmission plots as a function of angle, wavelength, and/or polarization)

All plots can be added to the visualization window for convenience.

Interferometer Color Image

Additionally FRED can export both the opto-mechanical subassemblies into another CAD program with a full ray set detailing the footprint of the optical ray set or beams through the optical assembly. This feature is perfect for checking ray set or beam impingement on mechanical structure through the mechanical design process.