Photon Engineering - Overview

Fred Overview

FRED Optimum (FRED) is an advanced optical engineering software program created by Photon Engineering LLC capable of simulating the propagation of light through virtually any optical/mechanical system through non-sequential raytracing. Coherent optical fields are propagated using a proven Gaussian beam decomposition algorithm.

FRED includes the following features:

  • 3D graphical interface for model rendering, construction and verification
  • 25 surface types, 9 curve types and lens, mirror, prism elements
  • 15 primitive solids with boolean operation capability
  • Vendor catalogs for import of lenses, mirrors and prisms
  • IGES/STEP import and export
  • Lens import from ZEMAX®, CODE V® and OSLO®
  • Ability to array geometry in a rectilinear coordinate system
  • 7 coating types, including polarization and thickness variations
  • 12 surface scatter models and 2 volume scatter models
  • 6 importance sampling specifications for efficient scatter calculation
  • Catalog, GRIN, birefringent, formula and sampled materials definitions
  • Diffraction gratings with unlimited orders and efficiencies
  • Detailed source construction by control of ray position/direction, wavelength, coherence, polarization etc
  • Spectra definition for sources and detector response functions as Gaussian, Blackbody or Sampled
  • Non-sequential AND sequential raytracing capability
  • Coherent beam propagation
  • Raytrace controls for specification of power, splitting and intersection
  • Ray manipulation utilities for export, import and filtering operations
  • 35+ default ray analysis utilities
  • Ability to perform analyses on planar surfaces and 3 types of non-planar surfaces
  • Volume Fluence Analysis
  • Photometric and radiometric units
  • Digitization tool for data extraction
  • BASIC scripting language
  • COM capability for server/client communication
  • Multi-threading on up to 4 CPU cores

FRED Optimum includes all of the above features AND:

  • 64-bit architecture for expanded memory access capability
  • Multi-variable optimization capability with multiple local and pseudo-global algorithms
  • Parameter Sensitivity Analysis
  • System Configurations Manager
  • Parameter Pickups
  • Multi-threading on up to 32 CPU cores

Photon Engineering LLC.,is a consulting and software development firm based in Tucson, Arizona specializing in all phases of optical engineering: design, analysis and implementation.