FRED Scripting & Client/Server

FRED Script A compiled BASIC scripting language is implemented in FRED and is virtually identical to Visual BASIC™.

The BASIC compiler is fully integrated into FRED so that the compiler operation is completely transparent to the user who has access to all geometry, material, scatter model, raytrace controls and source database information, in addition to all calculations and analyses.

Users can open scripting editor windows in FRED that offer syntax checking and coloring, tool tips, debugging aids, etc. Output from scripts can be formatted for FRED's output window and/or written to either ASCII or binary output files.

The user can even customize the FRED toolbar by adding buttons that have scripts assigned to them. In effect the user is able to create their own windows and dialog boxes specific for their needs.

User Created Dialog

OLE Automation
In addition FRED can be used as either an automation client (controlling or calling a program) or automation server (program called by controlling application). This feature allows FRED to be used in large, multidisciplinary analyses that are becoming more and more common in sophisticated product development engineering.

Most commonly, FRED is used as a server. Another program such as Matlab™, Mathematica™, Excel™ etc. creates an instance of FRED and then executes FRED scripts that return the results of calculations. Since FRED’s scripting language has complete access to its database, the requested calculations can alter geometry and sources, raytrace, compute ray statistics and irradiance distributions, and so on. In this manner, FRED can be used as a remote computational engine for performing optical calculations. With compiled BASIC scripts, FRED’s calculations are rapid and easy to develop!