FRED Testimonials

FRED has an impressive variety of capabilities, and is all the more impressive by virtue of the reasonable price. The philosophies behind the product and customer support are among the best that I have encountered.

Gary Wiese

Lockheed Martin
...the graphical WYSIWYG presentation is a tremendous improvement to facilitate system design and analysis. FRED's flexibility is also easily realized through the menu-driven system configuration / definition.

K. Y.

FRED is the most powerful and comprehensive optical engineering software on the planet.

James A. Carter III

Planning Systems Inc.
Optical engineering software for the new century.

Ron Eng

This software is Awesome! The flexibility and power of FRED makes keeping pace with the demanding design process a snap.

Adam Little

Aurora Optical
Very good class; would have saved me time in teaching myself the program if I had taken this class when I first bought the program.


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
The FRED stray light analysis software is a mature, actively developing software with attention to today's optical engineering needs.

R. Clay Hainline

Lockheed Martin
FRED allows us to provide advanced analysis to our customers on an accelerated schedule.

Mike Thomas

Hyperion Development
Great tool for developing detailed optical systems. FRED provides both graphical and analytical detail on the model. All aspects of an optical system can be addressed including sources, materials, and coatings. A GUI interface is a great user aid. The ability to customize the tool by introducing your own VB code provides the ultimate in flexibility.

Robert S. Stricklin

This (the FRED tutorial) was an outstanding introduction to FRED's capabilities. After only 3 days, I'm able to build and import optical systems, perform significant analysis, and output the results. FRED has the shortest learning curve of any optical software I've ever encountered!

Beth Sornsin, Ph.D.

Raytheon SBRS
FRED allowed us to start designing 'out of the box'. "It allowed us to identify 'choke points' in our current designs, and rectify the problems without having to go through many hardware iterations.

Carter Watson

FRED has been a heavily utilized addition to our engineering tool box and we appreciate the continuous improvements in the product.

Wes Williams

Light Sciences Corp.
As an independent consultant, FRED has equipped me with a full-featured optical analysis software package with a low cost of ownership. The Photon Engineering staff is quick to respond to technical questions and creates unique script files to aid in difficult modeling or analysis problems. FRED rivals the competition in price/performance and is to illumination and coherent beam analysis what Zemax is to lens design. I highly recommend FRED to anyone looking for a well-designed optical analysis package for casual or full-time use.

Robert H.