Consultancy and Design Services

Take advantage of the expertise of Technix by CBS.

Not sure about investing in photonics simulation software because you can’t afford the man power or need it for only a limited part of your research? Or maybe you have software but don’t have the time to use it?

We are distributors of Photon Design’s family of software products and Photon Engineering's FRED Optical Engineering Software. This, coupled with our many years of multinational experience in using a wide variety of optical CAD software, providing training and optical design work makes us perfectly suited to offer expert consultancy & design services in most fields of optics and nanophotonics.

  • Cost effective - Pay as and when you need the service
  • Immediate results - No learning curve as you get to grips with the software
  • Full arsenal of simulation tools - No need to invest in multiple software packages
  • Instant expertise - Our team have many years in photonics simulation
  • No time cost for you - Allows you to focus your resources elsewhere


  • Design of passive photonics components and PICs
  • Performance tolerance analysis and prototype development
  • Structure & performance optimization
  • Mask Layout (GDSII)
  • Beam propagation
  • End-to-end optomechanical modeling
  • Fiber coupling

We also have strategic partners who are proficient in all major commercial design and analysis software and have worked in all phases of optical engineering.

The expertise of Technix by CBS is typically available under a "Time and Materials" contract:

  • The "Statement Of Work" is developed by the client in conjunction with Technix by CBS. This can be very specific or can be generalized if the customer wishes to explore an idea
  • Client (usually) establishes a "Not-To-Exceed" budget
  • Technix by CBS works on the contract at an hourly rate and reports progress at frequency requested by client
  • Tasks get defined & directed in "real time" allowing Client to control work product and costs
  • Contract is finished at Client's discretion

Alternatively, a "Fixed" contract can be employed where Technix by CBS issues a quotation and delivery date based on a very specific statement of work.