Introducing Diffusil Lambertian Diffusers, precision-crafted from synthetic fused silica glass with an astounding purity of 99.999% SiO2. These diffusers are meticulously engineered to produce an almost flawless Lambertian output across a broad spectrum of wavelengths, making them versatile for both transmission and reflection applications. The secret to their uniform diffused output lies in the even distribution of tiny gas bubbles, each measuring approximately 3µm in diameter, seamlessly embedded within the synthetic fused silica. This ingenious design ensures that surface defects or contaminants have no impact on the scattering profile. What sets diffusil apart is its remarkable resilience. Unlike traditional diffuser materials, diffusil diffusers can endure extreme temperature fluctuations of several hundred degrees and withstand harsh chemical environments without sustaining any damage. When you need reliability and precision, diffusil diffuser is your ultimate choice for consistent and robust light diffusion.

Key Merits:

  • Incident-angle independent beam homogenization in transmission
  • ReflectionAvailable for 190 - 3200nm wavelengths
  • Unaffected by surface defects and contamination
  • Can handle high temperatures (to 1000 C), and harsh chemical environments
  • 2mm to 160mm diameters available
  • 0.3 to 25.0mm thickness available

Square or round plane-parallel discs are available, as well as customized diffuser shapes and sizes. Custom precisely adjusted scattering profiles can be delivered.

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