FIMMWAVE is a powerful and fully vectorial mode solver for 2D + Z waveguide structures. It is a highly flexible waveguide CAD tool that has the ability to solve for a wide range of materials and complex waveguide geometries as it supports a large number of complementary algorithms.  

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  • Native 64-bit application (32-bit version is also available)
  • Fully vectorial mode solvers for 3D waveguide
  • A wide range of fast, reliable waveguide mode solvers optimized for high index contrast waveguide, cylindrical optical fibers, diffused waveguides, orarbitrary geometries such as photonic crystal fibers
  • Complex versions for waveguides of complex refractive index, including metals
  • Even for complicated problems involving thin layers, weakly coupled structures and devices with cuts-off provide accurate results
  • An extensive material database
  • Parameter scanners to design faster
  • User-friendly interface with a wide choice of editors for designing rectangular, circular, or diffuse waveguides or as a set of geometrical shapes
  • Extensive command-line interface, support for scripting with Python and MATLAB
  • A powerful tool for optimising waveguide structures - Kallistos

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