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The gonio'2pi and gonio'4pi family comprises very accurate and robust machines for the near-field measurement of sources or luminaires as well as for scatter measurements (BSDF).

opsira’s goniophotometers obtain angular dependent photometric parameters around a light source, a luminaire, a detector or a material sample. In-Plane goniophotometers as well as 3D-goniophotometers up to 4-axis are available.


The compact construction of the gonio'2pi allows measurement of the hemisphere and this 4-axis goniometer even enables a fully automated complete measurement of an anisotropic scatter sample. 


The gonio'4pi is available for full sphere measurements without needing to rotate the sample. Data can be collected for approximately 99.5% of the 4π solid angle.


  • Near-field goniophotometry
  • Far-field goniophotometry for small sources
  • Scatter measurements (BSDF)

Detector Options:

  • Photometers
  • Spectrometers
  • Spectroradiometers
  • Luminance cameras
  • High dynamic CMOS detector
  • Environmental detectors

All goniophotometer types work with an angular accuracy of 0.0001º.
Over 20 configurations are available.