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Integrating Spheres

“uku” integrating spheres provide a fast and easy measurement of multiple quantities such as the radiant power, the luminous flux, and the diffuse reflection and transmission of materials.


  • Radiant power
  • Luminous flux
  • Spectral power distribution
  • Energy efficiency class
  • Material reflection / transmission


The concept is simple, exact, and flexible and is based on planar surfaces allowing the installation of almost any type of detector, light source and material sample easily and without requiring customized adapters at the ports of the integrating sphere.

Detector Options:

  • Photometers
  • Spectrometers
  • Spectroradiometers
  • Luminance cameras
  • Environmental detectors

The “uku” integrating spheres are available in a variety of diameters starting from 120 mm, up to 1600 mm. A wide variety of accessories is available.