Spectrometers & Radiometers

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spr'3 - spectroradiometer

The spr'3 is a very compact and robust system for the measurement of illuminance and irradiance, as well as the absolute spectral power distribution, and colorimetric values. The spr’3 houses both a radiometer and a spectrometer inside and is available for VIS, UV, and IR ranges.


  • Illuminance
  • Irradiance
  • luminous intensity
  • radiant intensity
  • spectral power distribution

spec'3 - spectrometer

The spec'3 system enables quick and easy measurement of spectral power distributions in a variety of spectral ranges from UV to NIR.

It has a continuous live mode display whereby real-time changes can easily be observed and adjustments made with immediate feedback. 


  • Spectral distribution
  • Chromaticity coordinates / temperature
  • Dominant wavelength
  • Material reflection / transmission

Furthermore, several spectrometers can be combined with the same or different wavelength bands for a more complete analysis.

The spec’remote add-on TCP/IP provides a powerful TCP/IP interface for the integration of the spectrometer into any test environment.