spr'3 - spectroradiometer

The spr'3 system streamlines speedy and easy measurement of spectral power distributions and their corresponding illuminance and irradiance. The spec software package simplifies the evaluation and processing of a comprehensive range of current colorimetric parameters. This measurement system features an array spectrometer with high wavelength resolution and incorporates an electromechanical shutter and filter wheel function, facilitating adjustments to weighting functions or measurement areas as required. It is complemented by a top-tier radiometer with high measurement dynamic. Depending on the application, detectors are available for the visible region (VIS), near-infrared (NIR), and UV.  

 The spr'3 system exhibits excellent linearity over a wide range of magnitudes, and temperature-induced inaccuracies are nearly eradicated through temperature corrections, ensuring precise measurements. With a wide selection of spectral regions available depending on the application, the spectroradiometer system spr'3 is ideally suited for applications within the visible spectral region, spanning from 360 to 830 nm, and for measuring spectral UV or IR irradiance. Its integrated USB interface offers effortless and direct connectivity, eliminating the need for external analysis units.


  • Illuminance
  • Irradiance
  • Luminous intensity
  • Radiant intensity
  • Spectral power distribution

spec'3 - spectrometer

spec'3 spectral measurement system offers a versatile range, enabling the measurement of spectral distributions spanning from UV to NIR. In the visible spectral region, the spec software package provides direct displays of colorimetric values, adhering to CIE standards. A continuous live mode display further allows for real-time observations and adjustments, offering immediate insights into color rendering values, which are updated continuously. Spec'3 enables the easy definition of color tolerance, aligning with test specifications. The system is stabilized through automated adjustments of integration time and an integrated automatic shutter for dark correction, ensuring optimal operational conditions and maximal digitalization depth. Beyond this, spec'3 accommodates measurements of emission, reflection, or transmission characteristics, providing a comprehensive spectrum of capabilities. The spec’remote add-on provides a powerful TCP/IP interface for the integration of the spectrometer into any test environment.


  • Spectral distribution
  • Chromaticity coordinates / temperature
  • Dominant wavelength
  • Material reflection / transmission

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