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luca'lux enables the fast and easy measurement of illuminance and luminous intensity distributions. The measurement is spatially taken in one shot against a reflecting or transmitting screen. The entire measurement of the illuminance distribution of a luminaire or an optical system is carried out within seconds. The software provides a comfortable assistant (calibration wizard) calibrating the system with respect to a traceable transfer standard. The measured illuminance distribution can be directly converted into the luminous intensity distribution and checked against the related standards. Test sequences can be fully automated or remote-controlled and integrated into existing test environments via the enhancement luca'remote.


  • End-of-line testing
  • Medical lighting
  • Automotive lighting
  • Signal lighting


The luca'lux Airfield Lighting Test System offers a quick and flexible solution for measuring and testing any airfield lighting system while adhering to ICAO (FAA, CAP168) regulations and other relevant standards. Unlike the laborious goniometer measurement process, the luca'lux method achieves precise measurement of the luminous intensity distribution of the lights within a matter of seconds. It's essential to note that the measurements are calibrated in accordance with international measurement standards, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

mlts - Medical Lighting Test System

The mlts is a luca'lux based system for the measurement of medical lighting and has been used in the industry for decades for the measurement and adjustment of medical luminaires with respect to the relevant standard e.g. DIN EN 60601-2-41 or similar.

The mlts provides a photometric and geometric measurement of the light field within seconds, and tested against the required standard (e.g. DIN EN 60601-2-41).

The mlcs (medical lighting calibration system) offers a wide range of possibilities to adjust different work items or different light fields. Both systems, mlts and mlcs, can be expanded to include a spectrometer (-spec) to allow for the measurement of all relevant colorimetric parameters such as color temperature, chromaticity coordinates, color rendering index.

kps’lid - Luminous Intensity Distribution Test System

The kps'lid compact testing system enables quick and high-quality evaluation of luminous intensity distributions while requiring a minimum of space.

The camera based measurement provides a fast and easy evaluation of photometric and geometric parameters of illuminance and luminous intensity distributions of several types of luminaires.

Far-field measurement distance required by standards can be reduced to less than 1.50 m by using this optical system.

The kps’lid can be used by smaller companies who do not have a complete light lab to reliably test injection parameters and allow immediate correction of production parameters (e. g. injection molding settings).


The kps'retro compact testing system offers a rapid and high-quality solution for testing retroreflectors, all while occupying minimal space. Lengthy and elaborate measurements within a light lab are now seldom necessary. Testing can be swiftly and conveniently conducted in close proximity to production. This system is particularly beneficial for smaller companies that may not have access to a full-fledged light lab, as it enables them to reliably assess their injection parameters. As a result, quick and immediate adjustments to production parameters, such as injection molding settings, can be made, even when dealing with partial components.  

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