Release of EPIPPROP Version 3.4

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09 Apr 2024

Real-world design of AWGs and Echelle gratings with EPIPPROP version 3.4

This new version of EPIPPROP allows the user to model more real-world effects such as manufacturing defects and temperature variations in AWGs and Echelle Gratings:

  • Model manufacturing defects by introducing variations to the layer thickness with either a random noise profile or an imported file.
  • Vary the temperature and refractive index over the area of the chip as defined by an import file.
  • New ‘Etch & Fill’ process type allows for far more flexible waveguide geometries.
  • Improved calculation of optical path length for each output waveguide.
  • Multiple bug fixes

For more information about the world's first Echelle grating and AWG design software, click here.