OmniSim Version 8.0: The World's First Hybrid Mesh

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09 Apr 2024

The newest version of OmniSim has the world’s first tetrahedral-cuboid hybrid mesh for the FETD Engine. The calculator will use both rectangular and triangular elements in 2D (or cuboid and tetrahedral in 3D) to substantially reduce the runtime of the simulation.

The triangular elements conform closely to the boundaries of more complex regions (such as tilted sides or curves), while the less computationally demanding rectangular elements will model open spaces. The rectangles (cuboids) are also much more efficient at meshing thin layers than triangles (tetrahedra).

OmniSim 8.0 also includes:

  • Extrusion of 2D shapes for creating tapered waveguides.
  • Arbitrarily rotation of 3D shapes now possible.
  • A real-time 3D view of the unprocessed device during the design stage.
  • Multiple bug fixes.

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