Collaborating for Excellence in Photonics and Optical Solutions

Photon Engineering

We are proud to collaborate with Photon Engineering, LLC, a consulting and software development firm based in Tucson, AZ, specializing in all phases of optical engineering. Founded in 1997 by Richard Pfisterer and Steve Johnston, Ph.D., Photon Engineering has an extensive track record of working with clients worldwide on a wide range of projects, from LCD projectors and head-mounted displays to space satellite systems and automotive lighting. Photon Engineering is renowned for its advanced optical engineering software, FRED, which we are excited to offer to the European market, Canada, Japan, and Korea. With a mission to provide effective and affordable solutions without compromising quality, Photon Engineering maintains a global presence, with FRED users and representatives in over 20 countries. Their ongoing contributions to research, publications, education, and leadership in international professional societies emphasize their commitment to advancing the optical engineering field.

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Photon Design

We’ve partnered with Photon Design, a pioneering company in the photonics industry since 1992. Based in Oxford, UK, Photon Design has been at the forefront of photonics modeling, offering professional quality software that has set industry standards. Their world-leading CAD tools, used in over 30 countries and hundreds of research labs, have contributed to thousands of groundbreaking research publications. Through this partnership, our company distributes Photon Design’s innovative photonics CAD tools across North America and Asia, supporting the development of next-generation datacom components and advancements in micro and nano-optics. This collaboration highlights our commitment to providing the foremost solutions to our clients and fostering innovation in the photonics sector.

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We’re proud to have partnered with opsira GmbH, a leading company in the design of optical systems and the development of high-tech products in photometry, spectrometry, and goniometry. Founded in August 1999 by Juergen P. Weisshaar and Volker Schumacher in Weingarten, Germany, opsira has become a cornerstone in industries such as medical technology, automotive, sensors, and consumer goods. As opsira's official representative and distributor in North America, we offer their advanced optical measurement systems, including the versatile robogonio goniophotometer, which integrates near-field, far-field, and spectral measurement. This partnership enables us to provide our clients with innovative tools to ensure the highest quality in luminaires and light sources.

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As a leader in optical components and opto-mechanics, OptoSigma meets the high demand for photonics with a vast product range. A subsidiary of the SIGMAKOKI Group, OptoSigma boasts over 40 years of expertise in manufacturing superior optics and opto-mechanics. Their portfolio includes lenses, mirrors, beamsplitters, polarizers, filters, motorized and manual stages, optic holders, and optical tables. With over 15,000 items, customers can choose standard products, customize existing ones, or design new solutions for any requirement.

We are proud to be a partner with OptoSigma. Together, we offer comprehensive services from project start to finish. We provide essential optical engineering software and expertise for R&D simulations, while customers utilize OptoSigma’s catalog for their prototype needs. This partnership ensures expert consultation and efficient project completion for our customers.

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Webinar: Simulating Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Systems using FRED software:

Using Photon Engineering's FRED Optical Engineering Software, Tom Davies of CBS Europe discusses virtual prototyping the optical setup of a phase-shifting interferometer built from off-the-shelf components.