EchelleCAD becomes EPIPPROP

Photon Design has changed the name of their Echelle grating simulator from EchelleCAD to EPIPPROP, the name deriving from the Greek word επίπεδο or "epipeda" which means layer or plane.

EPIPPROP is a unique and innovative tool for the simulation and optimisation of Echelle grating based planar lightwave components, in particular for wavelength division multiplexing applications that include a wide dielectric layer where a beam of light is confined vertically but is free to expand over large distances laterally – a geometry seen in the star couplers of AWGs and in planar Echelle gratings. EPIPPROP has efficient numerical techniques for modelling such wide layers – much more efficient than traditional techniques like BPM.

This name change reflects the fact that the capability of EPIPPROP will soon expand beyond Echelle gratings to AWGs.

Free Evaluation Available
A free 30-day trial of EPIPPROP is available. Please contact us for more information.

example image