Free Raytracing Software

Raytracing with FRED

Photon Engineering is able to provide copies of their FRED Optical Engineering software for free to universities and university students.

Photon Engineering believes that its FRED Optical Engineering Software can be a valuable tool for universities both in the classroom and in the lab. They have several programs available for educators and students designed to make FRED available for academic and research use.

University Gratis Licensing program (for teaching):
This is for educators that believe that the FRED Optical Engineering Software package can be used to enhance the curriculum by providing students with hands on experience using a professionally recognized engineering software tool.

University Gratis Licensing program (for students):
This is for senior-level or graduate students working on a thesis or dissertation. The student may be eligible for a free full version of FRED. Qualifying students must have a letter from their faculty adviser verifying their current status at the university.

There is no small print, or deposits required - it is 100% free of charge and full technical support is provided.

FRED is used worldwide for the design in applications as varied as biomedical systems, interferometers, LED systems, lens systems, telescopes, lighting systems, solar panels, laser systems, coherent propagation and much more.

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