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Photon Design has changed the name of their Echelle grating simulator from EchelleCAD to EPIPPROP, the name deriving from the Greek word επίπεδο or “epipeda” which means layer or plane. EPIPPROP is a unique... read more

Photon Engineering is proud to have celebrated its fifteen year anniversary on May 26, 2012. Founded in 1997 by Richard Pfisterer and Steve Johnston, Ph.D., Photon Engineering has worked with hundreds of clients... read more

Photon Design has just released a unique CAD tool for the design and modelling of Echelle gratings in full-vectorial 3D. EchelleCAD is the world's first 3D Echelle grating simulation software package, and is an innovative tool... read more

Photon Design has just released a new XY Laser Module for their laser modeling software HAROLD which is fully capably of simulating Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) hybrid laser structures. Harold's XY Laser Module extends... read more