FIMMWAVE v6.0 - Multi-core Simulations

Photon Design has just released the latest version of their mode solver and bi-directional propagation tools FIMMWAVE and FIMMPROP. The internal engines of FIMMPROP have been extensively rewritten and feature extensive use of multi-core CPUs, enabling your simulations to run up to 3x faster on a typical 4-core PC.

Further improvements are include FIMMWAVE's FEM Solver can now model fully anisotropic dielectric and permeability tensors, enabling the accurate modelling of biaxial materials at arbitrary orientation, magneto-optic effect and optical isolators, PPLN and many others.

A vectorial 3D mode solver including a variety of calculation engines each optimized for different geometries. Suitable for all types of waveguides including multi-mode waveguides & fibers, high index structures (E.g SOI), metals, Graded Index, photonic crystal fibers and more.

Rigorous bidirectional 3D optical propagation software for even the most challenging SOI designs. Based on the EME (EigenMode Expansion) method, FIMMPROP is typically faster and more accurate than FDTD and BPM for many devices, particularly for high index materials such as SOI components & III-V semiconductors. Suitable for the design of MMI, taper, directional coupler, grating, and fiber components among others.

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