FRED v10.100 Released

Photon Engineering has just released a new version for their leading optical engineering software FRED.

Some of the new features and enhancements in FRED v10.100 include the following items:

Detector Entities
Detector entities are a new type of analysis surface which are capable of performing analyses dynamically during the raytrace and can be created as planes, spheres, cylinders and cones. Detector entities can be instructed to collect rays either during the trace (as rays intersect them), immediately after the trace, or upon request, giving the user the ability to perform analyses at multiple positions with a single raytrace.

Cassegrain with Cylinder Detector Entity   Retina Image with Sphere Detector Entity   Rifle scope with multiple Detector Entities

Lens Modules
Four new "Lens Module" surface types simulate the effects of an ideal spherical surface, finite conjugate lens, infinite conjugate lens or afocal lens.

Simplified Laser Diode Beam
An alternate simplified source for modeling astigmatic gaussian laser beams has been added which uses a new algorithm for source creation and improves accuracy over a broader range of divergence angles.

About Photon Engineering & FRED
Photon Engineering is the creator and distributor of FRED, the premier optical and illumination engineering software capable of simulating the propagation of light through virtually any optical/mechanical system.

FRED is used worldwide for the design in applications as varied as biomedical systems, interferometers, LED systems, lens systems, telescopes, lighting systems, backlights, solar panels, automotive lighting and much much more. Read more....

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