Model Current Spreading and more

PICWavePicWave is now capable of detailed modelling of current spreading in active devices, computing leakage etc. The model can even work with hybrid laser structures and semi-insulating substrates where both n and p contacts are on the same side.

The new version also features an extensive electrical circuit model – allowing you to add capacitors, resistors, inductors to the drive circuits of your SOAs, lasers and modulators.

Here are the changes/additions in PICWave 4.1:

New electrical model:

Current spreading – the spreading of the current outside the active region of a gain section can now be modelled using a resistive mesh, generated automatically from the resistivity profile of the gain section’s RWG cross-section. Current leakage through the left and right RWG boundaries can also be modelled. Furthermore it is now possible to simulate SOI hybrid laser structures with both n and p-contacts on the top.

New electrical components - inductors and capacitors, electrical nodes, ground attachments. The use of electrical nodes allows LCR electrical networks to be constructed.

Built-in parasitic capacitance on contacts

Bottom Contacts – active sections no longer have to have an implicit ground connection on the bottom; they can now have an exposed contact or be isolated.

Other changes

Added free carrier absorption material property.

Added command-line functionality for oscilloscope (for extracting eye-diagram data and pulse statistics) and further command-line functionality for LI fitting

Various bug-fixes

Photon Design released PICWave v4.1 earlier this month.

PICWave is Photon Design's Bidirectional time-domain modeling of photonic ICs capable of modeling the interaction between both passive and active components using the TWTD (Travelling Wave Time Domain) method. Suitable for studying the interaction of optical components in a larger circuit as well as the design of individual active components such as Laser Diodes, SOAs, TWAs, DFB & DBR lasers. PICWave can model gain switching, mode-locking, time resolved spectra and more.

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