FIMMWAVE version 5.4.1 is now released. This new release version includes some major changes in the core of the product. The main changes you will see are:

MATLAB scripting support
FIMMWAVE has an integrated Command-Line interface which also comes with a remote TCP/IP interface. This makes it possible to control FIMMWAVE from another program. The user can integrate FIMMWAVE functionality in his/her own programs to perform more complicated tasks not yet accessible via the graphical user interface. Photon Design has now added supporting files for MATLAB to do this. Skeleton PYTHON and C++ client programs are also provided in the distribution.

FIMMPROP Global Options - Easier to Use!
FIMMPROP is the propagation module integrated with FIMMWAVE. It allows great flexibility in constructing complex structures, is fully bi-directional and allows extensive visual inspection of the propagating fields. It is particularly suited for structures that have a small number of distinct cross-sections, such as MMI’s and periodic structures; for such problems, the algorithm is far superior to traditional propagation techniques. FIMMPROP can also deal effectively with continuously varying structures, such as tapers and Y-Junctions, using efficient semi-analytical algorithms optimised for common problems.

FIMMPROP Device now has many global device-level options. This means that if you have many sections in your device you will in general need to set many fewer parameters than before, and can change the remaining ones more easily.

Use Z-symmetry - Faster!
You can now make a reference section that is flipped in the z-direction, i.e. +z end flips to –z end. Suitable for devices such as directional couplers etc. which can now be simulated in approximately half the time.

Directional Coupler

Directional Coupler

Material Stress Solver
The Stress Solver for FIMMWAVE allows the FIMMWAVE user to calculate the stress fields in a waveguide and the consequential perturbation of the waveguide modes. The Solver supports thermally-induced stress fields – typically generated during cooling of a device constructed from materials with different thermal expansion coefficients. This has been much improved in FIMMWAVE v.5.4.1.

A vectorial 3D mode solver including a variety of calculation engines each optimized for different geometries. Suitable for all types of waveguides including multi-mode waveguides & fibers, high index structures (E.g SOI), metals, Graded Index, photonic crystal fibers and more.

Rigorous bidirectional 3D optical propagation software for even the most challenging SOI designs. Based on the EME (EigenMode Expansion) method, FIMMPROP is typically faster and more accurate than FDTD and BPM for many devices, particularly for high index materials such as SOI components & III-V semiconductors. Suitable for the design of MMI, taper, directional coupler, grating, and fiber components among others.

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