Photonic Integrated Circuits Design Using Multi-core CPUs

PICWave vesion 5.0 has been released and now supports multi-core CPUs enabling speed increases of up to 2.6x on a typical 4-core PC. It also features a new TCP/IP link interface with FIMMPROP to automate the process of generating and importing detailed passive component models (S-matrix spectra) into PICWave. These passive component models can be fully parameterised within PICWave.

The building block system has also been upgraded to support composite building blocks, and to enable building blocks to be modelled using S-matrix spectra generated by FIMMPROP.

This allows designers to create fully-parameterised building block libraries of FIMMPROP components which can be stored and managed in one location in PICWave. These building block libraries can be used without any knowledge of FIMMPROP to create and simulate tailored PIC components in PICWave.


"PICWave provides probably the fastest way of simulating PICs available today" - Dr. Dominic Gallagher, Photon Design C.E.O.

PICWave is a photonic integrated circuit (pic) simulator capable of modeling both passive and active components efficiently using the TWTD time domain algorithm. The simulator is ideal for studying the interaction of optical components in a larger circuit and can model devices that are even meters in length. It can for example model a 2mm diameter ring resonator in a very short time to resolutions of a few MHz in optical frequency. In addition, it includes a detailed multi-model SOA model.

example image